Turkey Fryer Replacement Parts from King Kooker


King Kooker Turkey Fryer Replacement Parts

If you’re looking for turkey fryer replacement parts, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share our top turkey fryer parts from King Kooker, a trusted name in everything deep frying. If your turkey deep fryer is broken, it likely can be repaired, instead of having to get an entire new turkey frying set. Although it will take you a bit of time to repair your turkey fryer, it’ll save you a lot of money in the long-run.

Please note that these turkey fryer replacement parts are for the outdoor, propane deep fryers. The indoor electric deep fryers are much more difficult to fix and it’s often recommended that you just buy a new one instead of the DIY repair.

King Kooker High Pressure Burner with Orifice Block

If you need to replace the burner on your King Kooker Turkey Deep Fryer, it’s an easy repair. This is something that can rust over time, especially if you leave it outside. Here are the details of this product:

People on Amazon comment that it’s a well-made part and that it distributes heat evenly. It takes only a few minutes to change out with the old part. This product on Amazon is $5-10 cheaper than what you’d find at your local BBQ or propane store.

You can check out this high pressure burner on Amazon:


King Kooker Low Pressure Burner with Orifice

This item is very similar to the one listed above, except that it’s a low pressure burner. Here are the details:

People on Amazon comment that it puts out a nice, even heat that is perfect for smoking or BBQing. If you want to simmer a pot on low for a long time, this one makes a great choice.

You can buy one of the most popular turkey fryer replacement parts on Amazon:


King Kooker 30502 High Pressure Adjustable Regulator

On some of the cheap turkey fryer kits, you’ll likely be unhappy with the regulator. They are often quite difficult to adjust to your desired amount of flame. This adjustable regulator from King Kooker will allow you to get the amount of flame you need easily and with minimal hassle. Another thing that this one doesn’t have is a safety shut-off. Although it can be useful, it’s also annoying. A unit that shuts off mid turkey fry? It’s not a feature that we recommend.

Looking for a cheap replacement? This is the lower-quality version of it.

Here are the details:

You can check out this turkey fryer part on Amazon:


Heavy Duty Food Skimmer

One of the things that is pretty hard to clean on a deep frying kit is the food skimmer. Things get stuck in there and it can be difficult to get it really clean. Here is a replacement if yours has seen better days. Check out the details:

You can get it easily on Amazon:

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