Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer: The Cheapest Frying Kit


A Review of the Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer

The Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer is an outdoor turkey deep fryer than runs on propane. This kit includes everything you need to deep fry a turkey outside except the propane bottle. Priced at well under $100, this Kamp Kitchen Deep Fryer makes an affordable choice for people looking to deep fry turkey for their next family event. Deep fried turkey is moist and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Most people who taste deep fried turkey for the first never go back to roasting it in the oven. The best part about it is that it frees up oven space when space and time is tight.

A Complete Turkey Frying Kit

The Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer comes with an aluminum pot + lid, stand, burner and stand, heat shield (for wind protection) as well as turkey rack and lifter. The burner puts out a powerful 38,000 BTU, meaning that your oil will heat up quickly and maintain the oil temperature once you put the turkey in. A small-medium size turkey will deep fry in under an hour easily.

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The Specs on this Deep Fry Turkey Kit: 

People that like the Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer are Saying: 


“I love this turkey fryer. The turkey turned out perfect and everyone commented on how delicious it was!”


“I fried up two turkeys in this thing last Thanksgiving and my whole family really enjoyed them.”


“Exactly as advertised-a simple set-up for deep frying turkey. It works well and I have no complaints about it.”


“Set-up was pretty easy, as well as clean-up. I’d recommend this to my friends.”


Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer Negatives:

The Takeaway on the Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer: 

If you’re looking for an extremely economical kit that will deep fry a turkey outdoors, this Kamp Kitchen turkey fryer is perhaps it. There are very few complete kits that run under $100 including shipping (this King Kooker Turkey Fryer is another one).

Not so Durable, but it’s Cheap!

Perhaps you’re not sure that deep fried turkey is really for you and want to test it out? It could make sense to buy a cheap kit like this one and see what you think. We understand that you might not want to drop $200+ on a more expensive set-up, only to find out that it’s not for you. Although the King Kooker Turkey Fryer is not that durable, it’ll work for at least a few times. It’s maybe enough for you and the price is most certainly right.

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You can easily get the King Kooker Turkey Fryer on Amazon:

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Are Cheap Turkey Fryers Worth It?

A common question that we get from readers is whether or not cheap turkey fryers are worth it. Kamp Kitchen, a complete deep fried turkey kit is the cheapest that you’re going to find. But, are they worth it, or just a waste of money?

It Depends on the Situation

Our short answer is that it depends on your situation! If you’re hosting a big party or family gathering and aren’t worried about your kit lasting for years or decades, then consider a cheap turkey fryer such as this one. Another negative is that his turkey fryer has a BTU rating of only 38,000. This means that it will take quite a bit longer to heat the oil up than with some of the other kits.

Value for Money-Look Elsewhere

If you’re the kind of person who likes some good value for their money, then consider a more expensive deep fried turkey kit. Or, if you’re impatient, the low turkey fryer BTU rating might make you a bit crazy.

More Power? Bayou Classic

Consider a deep fried turkey kit with more power! This one from Bayou Classic is a nice choice:

Is there a Better Option for Turkey Deep Fryers?

The main difference between turkey fryer kits under $100 and those over $100 (like the Eastman Outdoors Turkey Fryer Kit) is the pot. The cheap ones are made of thin aluminum which can be quite difficult to clean and not so durable. The stainless steel ones clean very easily as well as last for decades.

The other major difference is the amount of power that the burner puts out. The cheap kits have about 1/2 the power of the more expensive ones which means that your oil will take longer to get up to temperature.

Which one is Right for You?

Which turkey deep fryer is best for you? If you’re looking for a turkey fryer for a single use, then this Kamp Kitchen set is an obvious choice. If you’re looking for a more durable kit to use multiple times over years, consider one of the more expensive ones.

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