Grillsmith All-In-One Turkey Fryer Review

A Review of the GrillSmith Turkey Fryer

The¬†Grillsmith All-In-One 30 Qt. Turkey Fryer is a newcomer to the turkey fryer world. It’s an all-in-one kit that contains everything you could possibly need to get started with deep frying turkeys. You just need to hook up your propane bottle and start frying!

Maybe you’ve never had the good fortune of trying deep fried turkey before? If this is the case, we’re here to tell you that deep fried turkey is really, really delicious. Moist and juicy on the inside but golden crispy on the outside. Plus, a small to medium size turkey can be deep fried in under an hour. Deep frying turkey also frees up a ton of oven space, leaving room for casseroles of all kinds on that next big family feast day. It’s also easier than you think. See: How to Deep Fry a Turkey.

This Grillsmith All-In-One 30 Qt. Turkey Fryer comes with a 30 quart aluminum pot that can deep fry turkeys of up to 18 pounds. The Grillsmith includes a stand, adjustable regulator to control the temperature, as well as a basket to ensure safe deep frying. You can easily get this popular turkey frying kit on Amazon today:

The Specs on this Turkey Frying Kit:

GrillSmith All-In-One Turkey Fryer Pros:

GrillSmith All-In-One Turkey Fryer Cons:

The Takeaway on the GrillSmith All-In-One Turkey Frying Kit

If you’re looking for a top-quality turkey frying kit, this one probably isn’t it. The reviews on Amazon aren’t that great and we don’t love it for a few reasons including the automatic shut-off timer (every 15 minutes), confusing instructions to get it up and running, as well as the aluminum pot which doesn’t appear to be commercial grade.

Overall, it’s probably not a terrible choice if you’re only going to use it once or twice (similar to the Kamp Kitchen Turkey Fryer). However, if you’re looking for a more durable product that is going to last you for years to come, you’d be better of spending your money elsewhere.

For a top-quality turkey fryer, we recommend the following two options:

Eastman Outdoors Outdoor Cooking Set

Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Cooking Set– A premium turkey deep frying kit for those who are serious about their outdoor deep frying! It includes a stainless steel pot, heavy-duty stand and is just all around superior in just about every way to this set from Grillsmith. If you plan on buying only one deep fried turkey kit to last you a lifetime, this is a great one to consider. You can get this top-quality outdoor deep fryer on Amazon today:

Bayou Classic Turkey Frying Kit

Grand Gobbler Turkey Fryer from Bayou Classic– One of the top names in propane deep frying, Bayou Classic puts out some top-quality products at a very reasonable price. This particular turkey fryer comes with an aluminum pot, but it’s a commercial grade one which is thicker and far more durable than the thin one that comes with this Grillsmith. It’s also capable of cooking turkeys of 25 pounds or more, which is perfect for those larger family gatherings. The stand is top-quality, and the burner puts out some serious heat so that the oil comes up to temperature quickly and easily. If you want to cook a serious turkey outdoors, the Grand Gobbler is most definitely the one for you.

Check out this beast of a turkey fryer on Amazon today:



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