Outdoor vs Indoor Turkey Fryer: How to Choose

indoor turkey fryer

Every year major insurance companies run ads featuring slightly comic/tragic turkey fryer incidents. They’re trying to convince you to buy insurance. They don’t really care whether you screw up on your turkey dinner.

But you don’t have to listen to the insurance companies. While traditionally people do fry their turkeys outside, it’s absolutely possible to fry your turkey indoors.


With an indoor turkey fryer of course. But is it the right choice?

That depends on various factors. So let’s settle this controversy once and for all. Which should you choose? An outdoor or an indoor turkey fryer? Scroll onward to find out.

1. The Case for the Indoor Turkey Fryer

The weather outside is frightful and the kitchen warmth is so delightful. And since we’ve got so much snow…maybe we should try out indoor turkey fryer from Butterball?

Depending on where you live, the end of November might actually be a tough time to fry a turkey outside. And really, even if there isn’t snow on the ground, a late November outdoor cookout isn’t pleasant.

This is the obvious reason to use an indoor fryer. But it’s not the only reason.

An indoor fryer uses no gas. It’s all electric. This means you’re only paying for the power coming through your plug.

But Wait…There’s More!

And frying isn’t the only thing you can do with an indoor turkey fryer. You can boil it or steam it too.

If you’re afraid of using a fryer inside, don’t fret. The safety features included keep you from having to call the Allstate guy.

An included temperature gauge will keep you from burning the oil and subsequently the turkey. An automatic safety shut-off will ease your mind if you forgot about the turkey in the fryer.

And you won’t accidentally drop oil all over yourself; the drain valve makes for easy draining and cleaning. And you can’t have a fryer without a proper fitting lid.

The temperature gauge is typically accurate which keeps you from having to get your hands near extremely hot oil.

A Complete Package

Everything is packed neatly inside the fryer. You can keep the fryer on your kitchen counter and it won’t look like an evil science experiment.

And since it’s all packed-in and looks like any appliance, your children won’t think about checking out the cool new science experiment in your kitchen. The modern look will completely disinterest them.

And lastly, an indoor turkey fryer uses less oil than your conventional outdoor fryer. This means it’s less expensive to fry a turkey with an indoor fryer.

A Small Case Against the Indoor Turkey Fryer

The disadvantages of an indoor turkey fryer are few.

If you’re short on time, don’t use an indoor fryer. It takes longer to heat up the oil than a conventional fryer.

Don’t want your house smelling like fried oil for several days? Don’t fry your turkey inside.

And unless you have a generator, you’re not going to take your fryer to a tailgate party. And if you do take it outside to use, don’t leave it out there overnight. The dew will damage the electrical components of your fryer.

Our Top-Rated Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

If you’re convinced that an indoor turkey deep fryer is the one for you, then you’ll need to check out these top-quality ones from Masterbuilt Butterball. They offer some serious quality at a very reasonable price. And there’s actually no other brand that we’d personally ever consider. The ones from Masterbuilt Butterball are just that good!

Check out this XL indoor turkey fryer for yourself today:

2. To Fry Outdoors or Not?

The outdoor turkey fryer is the default in most places. And if you’re from the South, you probably look forward to hanging out in the driveway frying that turkey in peanut oil.

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And an outdoor turkey fryer does have some advantages over an indoor turkey fryer.

It’s readily more mobile than your indoor unit. You can take it tailgating, camping, or over to a friend’s house. You just need a propane tank and you’re off into the woods with your fryer.

Unlike your house, the outdoors can stand a little bit more fried turkey smell. And you might make a few friends as your neighbors come out wondering where all the good smells are coming from.

And if you don’t want to spend all day monitoring your fryer, an outdoor fryer might just be the ticket. It heats oil much faster than an indoor fryer. You’ll be serving your guests quicker.

Why Not Fry a Turkey Outdoors?

While an outdoor turkey fryer is a fun traditional way to cook your turkey, it does come with some drawbacks.

Propane fuel is an added cost. And if you don’t want to lug a large tank around, you might want to consider an indoor fryer.

It’s a bit dangerous, especially around children and pets. Both could knock into the fryer if you’re not careful. Avoid an emergency trip to the vet or ER by keeping kids and pets away from your outdoor fryer.

It takes a lot of oil to fry a turkey outside. More than an indoor fryer. In fact, it takes up to five gallons of oil to fry a 14 lb turkey.

Safety is a concern, not just for the children and pets, but for you also. The biggest reason turkey fryer fires happen? A lack of temperature monitoring.

Your outdoor turkey fryer does not come with an automatic temperature gauge. This means you have to gauge the temperature yourself.

To ensure your turkey does not overcook, you will also need a way to monitor the turkey’s inside temperature. This is dangerous in two ways. If your oil overheats, you could get burned from the bubbling and splashing. If the turkey overheats, you’ll have a burned or dry turkey.

And if you don’t monitor your turkey and your fryer, you’ll have wasted both a turkey and a whole bunch of oil.

The weather is the biggest downside. Unless you live in a temperate climate where it hardly rains or snows, your ability to cook outside will be determined by the weather.

Unless you enjoy bundling up like an Eskimo, you probably want to consider an indoor fryer in November instead.

Our Top-Rated Outdoor Turkey Fryer

There are most certainly some very cheap outdoor turkey frying kits. Just about the only thing they have going for them is the price! If you’re looking for an outdoor deep fryer that’ll last you for years, and work without a hassle, then you’ll need this top-quality one from Eastman Outdoors..

It’s a seriously powerful outdoor fryer with a ton of features that you’ll love, including 65,000 BTU’s of power, an automatic safety shut-off feature, and a professional grade stainless steel pot. Check out this outdoor turkey frying kit on Amazon today:

Conclusion: The Indoor Fryer Wins

While outdoor turkey frying is still awesome and fun. The safest and most versatile choice is still indoor frying with a fryer designed for that very purpose.

You’ll avoid the weather and you’re less likely to burn someone or yourself.

Which method of turkey frying do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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