Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set


A Review of the Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set

The Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set is a serious machine for those who like to deep fry turkeys and other meats outside. Running on propane, it’s intended for outdoor use only. It includes everything you need to fry turkeys or other large cuts of meat except the propane tank.

This outdoor turkey fryer is one of the best that money can buy-but is it worth the hefty price-tag? Keep reading to find out!

Top-Quality Stainless Steel Pot

What really sets apart the Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set from the competition is the quality- the stainless steel pot is extremely durable, unlike some of the thin aluminum ones and it will last you for years. Stainless steel pots are used in restaurants and other commercial kitchens because they are easy to clean and will stand up to some serious wear and tear.

Serious Power- 65,000 BTUs

This turkey deep frying kit from Eastman Outdoors puts out an extremely powerful 65,000 BTUs of power, meaning that it will heat your oil up very quickly and not struggle to maintain the correct temperature.

The speed at which the oil heats up is one of the serious advantages to deep frying a turkey outdoors vs. indoors. Propane deep fryers are far more powerful than the electric indoor ones, which is amazing if you are not so organized on that busy holiday day!

Safety Shut-Off Feature

This Eastman Outdoors Frying Kit also includes a safety shut-off feature which is useful if you happen to forget to shut the machine off after taking your turkey out. It’s obvious that this company is serious about safety and the whole turkey fryer has been designed with this in mind.

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A Complete Outdoor Turkey Frying Kit

This outdoor deep frying kit includes a stand, 65,000 BTU fuel-saving burner, pot + lid, poultry stand, lift hook, thermometer and marinade injector. In short, everything you could possibly need to deep fry some delicious turkey! Crisp on the outside and moist and delicious on the inside. You can cook a small-medium turkey in this thing in under an hour!

Get this Eastman Outdoors Turkey Frying Set

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The Specs of the Eastman Turkey Fryer:


People that Like the Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set are Saying: 

“Setting it up took a few minutes, but the rest was easy, including the clean-up. It’s obvious that this thing is a top-quality product, unlike some of the cheap turkey frying sets that I’ve seen over the years. It’ll last for years.”


“We’ll never bake another turkey at our house again. This thing is amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t figure out about deep-frying turkeys before this. My family and friends love how the turkey tastes when it’s cooked in this thing.”


“It’s a little bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. This is a high-quality product, especially the stainless steel pot. The stand is super-sturdy as well, which makes it a lot safer to deep fry a turkey.”

Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set Negatives: 

The Takeaway on the Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set: 

If you’re looking for an outdoor cooking set that runs on propane to deep fry turkey, this Eastman Outdoors Set is a nice choice. The pot is top-quality stainless steel and should last you for years. Some reviews of the cheaper sets mention thin pots that cracked or had holes in them after only a couple of uses. This shouldn’t be a problem with this Eastman turkey fryer. Clean-up is also really easy with stainless steel, as opposed to some of the cheaper pots where it can be difficult to completely get rid of the oil film.

The Price: is it Worth it?

The main drawback of the Eastman outdoor turkey fryer is the price. The Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set is more expensive than most other kits. But, you get what you pay for and the Eastman turkey fryer should last you for years! If you’re looking to use it a lot, consider including the extra 2-years warranty for $20 more.


You can get the Eastman Outdoors Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Set on Amazon:

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