Chard Electric Turkey Fryer Review

A Review of the Chard Electric Turkey Fryer

The Chard Electric Turkey Fryer is an indoor turkey fryer that runs on electricity. It’s an excellent way to save oven space during that big Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. It’s surprisingly easy to deep fry your turkey on the counter. This one is designed to deep fry turkeys up to 18 pounds, which is enough to feed all but the biggest of families! The 1700 watt heating element is reasonably powerful and stronger than some of the cheaper turkey fryers on the market today.

There are some serious advantages to deep frying a turkey inside, as opposed to outside. Here are a few:

The Chard Electric Turkey Fryer is not designed for use outside. If you’re looking for an outdoor propane turkey fryer, check out our top recommendations here:

Outdoor Turkey Fryers

You can easily get the Chard Electric Turkey Fryer on Amazon today:

Chard Electric Turkey Fryer Pros

Chard Electric Turkey Fryer Cons

The Takeaway on the Chard Electric Turkey Fryer

If you’re looking for an indoor turkey fryer that will cook small to medium size turkeys, this Chard Electric Turkey Fryer makes an excellent choice. There are a few small negatives such as the magnetic power cord that doesn’t stay in place very well sometimes. However, we love this as a safety feature as it will prevent your house from burning down in case it gets tipped over. It’s worth a bit of extra hassle.

Getting up to the Correct Temperature

It also takes quite a bit of time to get up to the correct temperature. However, this is common to all indoor turkey fryers that run on electricity. The Chard electric turkey fryer, in terms of pure wattage is one of the more powerful ones on the market today. Of course it will take longer with electricity than outside with propane. However, with some advance planning, this really isn’t a big deal. It’s easy enough to get your deep frying oil up to temp and let it sit for a while if you’re not done preparing your turkey.

Crispy, Delicious Turkey

There are a lot of positives- we especially love the cook on the turkey. This machine, once it does get up to the correct temperature, stays there. This helps to ensure a nice, even cook on your turkey. The result is crispy, delicious perfection that your family and friends will love.

Lack of Drain Spout: Actually a Positive

Another thing we like is the lack of drain spout. It is indeed easier to clean if there is a drain spout on a turkey fryer. You just have to drain the oil, and then fill it with warm soapy water. Scrub, drain the water, rinse a couple of times and you’re good to go. The lack of spout makes this a bit harder, but not impossible. It’s a positive in our opinion though because we’ve seen way, way too many of these spouts leak. When you’re deep frying a turkey, the last thing you want is boiling hot oil leaking out of your machine. Trust us, it’s not a good thing.

Chard Electric Turkey Fryer: A Solid Win!

Taking all these things into consideration, the Chard Electric Turkey Fryer is a solid win in our books. It’s a top-quality machine that will last you for years and years to come. It’s well built and will do what it’s designed to do-which is deep fry a delicious turkey, safely inside your house.

Check out the Chard Electric Turkey Fryer for yourself on Amazon today:

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