Grand Gobbler Turkey Kit for 25+ Pound Birds

Big Turkey Deep Fryers: Not so Common

The Grand Gobbler for 25+ LBS Turkeys is a serious turkey frying package at a very reasonable price. It’s designed for those big, big turkeys of over 25 pounds. Most turkey frying kits can handle birds of 15-20 pounds quite easily, including some of the indoor ones. However, it’s far less common to find a turkey fryer for the big boys.

Perfect for Big Family Celebrations

This Grand Gobbler Turkey Kit for Large Birds from Bayou Classic is perfect for those big family celebrations where you want to cook only one turkey and you want to do it right. Deep frying is superior to cooking such a big turkey in the oven simply because of the time savings. You can deep fry a large turkey in around an hour, as opposed to taking up all that oven space for the entire day.

See: How to Deep Fry a Turkey.

Homebrewers will Love it too!

Another use of this turkey fryer kit is as a homebrewing pot. You can make some seriously large batches of homebrew beer with this one!

This deep fried turkey kit includes everything you need to deep fry a turkey except the propane bottle. And please note, this kit is for outdoor cooking only. If you’re looking for an indoors turkey fryer, check out: Top 5 Indoor Turkey Fryers.

If this Grand Gobbler Turkey Kit sounds exactly like what you need, click the button below to head on over to Amazon.

Grand Gobbler Turkey Kit Specs:

Grand Gobbler Turkey Kit Pros:

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The Takeaway on the Grand Gobbler Turkey Kit

 If you’re looking for an outdoor oil fryer that can cook a large turkey of 25+ pounds, then this Grand Gobbler Turkey Kit from Bayou Classic might be your best choice. There are very few other kits there that can handle such a large bird safely.

The price is reasonable for what you get- a total deep frying package that includes everything you need but the propane tank. You can get this quality turkey frying kit from Bayou Classic on Amazon today:


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