How Long Does it Take to Deep Fry a Turkey?


Deep Frying a Turkey: How Long Does it Take?

A common question that many people have is, “How long does it take to deep fry a turkey?” It’s a great question because all the common wisdom you have about how long it takes to cook a turkey in the oven can be thrown out the window! Heck, even the advice about how long it takes to cook a turkey in the oven isn’t all that great and can vary widely.

The good news is that it takes a much shorter amount of time to deep fry a turkey. And the end result of frying a turkey as opposed to cooking it in the oven is far, far more delicious! Moist, crispy, juicy deep fried turkey in about 1/3-1/2 the time it takes to cook at turkey in the oven. We love that here at Deep Fried Turkeys!

Seriously, if you haven’t deep fried a turkey, we’re hope that you’re questioning your life choices. This is a life-altering event and your only regret in doing it is all the wasted years. If you need to get yourself a turkey fryer, then you’ll want to check out our top recommendations: Best Turkey Fryers for 2017.

Ready for all the details about how long it takes to fry a turkey? Let’s go!

Recommendations from the Food Network about Turkey Deep Frying

paula-deen-turkeyIn this recipe from Paula Deen on the Food Network, she gives the following advice about how long it takes to deep fry a turkey. Paula Deen most certainly knows how to deep fry up some delicious stuff, so you’d do well to heed her advice!

Of course, you should check the internal temperatures to make sure the bird is completely done inside and not rely solely on time. We’ve given you the correct cooking temperatures in the next section below with advice from Butterball.

1. Allow the turkey to reach room temperature.

2. Heat peanut oil to 350 degrees F

3. Fry the turkey for 3 minutes per pound, plus 5 minutes per bird

10 pound turkey = 35 minutes

15 pound turkey = 50 minutes

20 pound turkey = 65 minutes

25 pound turkey = 80 minutes

Recommendations from Butterball about Deep Frying Turkey

Butterball is one of the most trusted names in everything turkey. We LOVE their line of indoor turkey deep fryers and their top-quality of oil-free indoor fryers. They’re so good that we have a very difficult time recommending anything else in the area of inside fryers.

Here is Butterball’ answer to the question, “How long does it take to deep fry a turkey?”

  1. Let the turkey thaw completely
  2. Heat the oil to 400 degree F
  3. Pat the turkey dry and coat with any seasonings
  4. Cook the turkey for 3-4 minutes per pound. Internal temperature white meat = 165-170 F. Internal temperature dark meat = 175-180 F.
  5. Let turkey stand for 20 minutes before carving.

10 pound turkey = 30-40 minutes

15 pound turkey = 45-60 minutes

20 pound turkey = 60-80 minutes

25 pound turkey = 75-100 minutes

Recommendations from Canadian Turkey about Frying Turkeys

Canadian turkey gives the following advice about how long it takes to deep fry a turkey:

  1. Be sure the turkey is completely thawed. If not, it can cause the oil to spill over the side of the pot and become very dangerous. More details about that here: Deep Fried Turkey Safety.
  2. Ensure the bird is dry by patting with a paper towel, inside and outside. Moisture can cause oil splatter.
  3. DO NOT stuff the turkey! Cook your stuffing in the oven.
  4. Preheat oil to 400 degrees F
  5. Cook until 170 degree F internal temperature
  6. Let stand for 20 minutes on a rack, covered with foil before carving.

10 pound turkey = approx. 35 minutes

We hope that you found this short article about how long does it take to deep fry a turkey useful. For more details, including safety tips, recipes and more, check out, “How to Deep Fry a Turkey.”

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