60 Qt Stock Pot Review: Fried Turkey Pot

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Review of the 60 Qt Stock Pot

The 60 Qt Stock Pot is a large-sized cookware piece that can be used to cook dishes for special occasions. Many homemakers prefer this especially those who love to entertain guests at home. It is also ideal for individuals who love to cook for their family and loved ones at home. Though the product is popularly known for deep-frying turkey, it can also do any other things like boiling, steaming and braising. And since it is a 60-quart pot, it can make dishes which more and more people can enjoy.


The 60 Qt Stock Pot is affordable at about $120. It is the highest-rated product on Amazon in the stockpot category with an impressive 4.9/5-star rating. And because of its almost perfect score, one will not find any negative feedback from customers who have tried this product. This large-sized stockpot is compatible with an induction stove, too. Therefore, any user with this stove will find it easier to cook with this Amazon top-rater.


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The Specs:

  • Stainless steel
  • Thick material for safety and protection
  • Stockpot type for deep-frying and boiling
  • Smaller in size for easy managing and handling
  • Thickness of up to 3-ply



People that Like the 60 Qt Stock Pot are Saying:


“This 60 qt SS pot was purchased to brew beer. It works really well, with no burning on the bottom because of the tri-ply base.”


“This is a great stainless steel pot! I am impressed with the high quality workmanship of it and it’ll for sure last a decade or more.”


“This is a very nice pot!”


“I love this stockpot! I always have some great results with it”


Drawbacks of the 60 Qt Stock Pot:

  • Quite heavy that it may be difficult to move around the place
  • More expensive than the other brands
  • Not recommended for indoor cooking because of its heavy weight



The Takeaway on the 60 Qt Stock Pot:


If you are a homemaker who loves hosting parties and family gathering at home, the 60 Qt Stock Pot is for you. This is such a dependable cooker that will assist you in all your cooking needs. You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to come to serve delicious foods for your family. You can always be the whole clan’s best cook with this ever-reliable stockpot. Soups are always hot and fresh with this pot. And because it can make large amount of dishes, guests in your special event can always request for a second and third serving!


You need not worry about handling the 60 Qt Stock Pot. It is made of stainless steel to last for many decades. What’s good about this product is that, it is dishwasher-safe! You can easily place it inside the machine and let leave it for washing. Isn’t it amazing that you have this great opportunity to own cooking equipment you can pass on to the younger generations in your family? The durability of the 60 QT Stock Pot guarantees you companionship for a lifetime.


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