How to Choose the Best Outdoor Turkey Fryer

outdoor turkey fryerLooking for the best ways to cook turkey? Want to preserve its flavor and natural juices? If so, you need a turkey fryer!

This small appliance can take your favorite meals to a whole new level. It’s easy to use and can cook a wide range of foods.

With a deep fryer, the turkey will be ready in just 30 minutes. Cooking it in the oven can take as long as four hours. Thus, deep frying can free up your time. Another added bonus is that you can free up oven space too! Roast potatoes, bake casseroles, or stuffing for that big family feast.

This cooking method also gives the turkey a crispy brown crust and amazing flavors. On top of that, it’s safe and works with most types of oil (but our top choice is peanut).

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Eager to find out more? Here is why you need an outdoor turkey fryer and how to choose one:

How Does an Outdoor Turkey Fryer Work?

This appliance makes deep frying a breeze. It’s perfect for cooking fried turkey, which enjoys huge popularity in the Southern cuisine. Compared to grilling and roasting, it’s safer and less time-consuming.

An outdoor turkey fryer has several parts. Most models consist of:

The stock pot is made of stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel units have a higher price tag but last longer. Check out one of our top-rated stainless steel pots, this one from New Professional.

With an outdoor turkey fryer, the poultry is completely submerged in hot oil. This gives it a crispy texture and complex aroma.

The latest models require up to 50 percent less oil than traditional deep fryers. Some feature a built-in timer, plastic handles, and auto shut-off. Others come equipped with a LED screen, vented lids, and temperature control.

Why Use a Turkey Fryer?

As you see, these appliances boast handy features that make cooking easier. A small turkey will only take 30-35 minutes to cook, while a large one will be ready in one hour or so. Just think about how much time you’ll save!

Another advantage of using an outdoor turkey fryer is the rich flavor. This cooking method seals in the juices, so your meal will taste amazing!

Compared to an oven, this appliance is easier to clean. It’s no need to worry about oil spills! Moreover, turkey fryers don’t release toxic fumes as it happens with grilling.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the chemicals released when grilling meat, affect lung function. In the long run, these toxins increase cancer risk. Deep frying has none of these side effects.

Additionally, the meat will be tender and evenly cooked.

Is Deep Frying Healthy?

Contrary to popular belief, deep frying can be healthy. It all comes down to the oil used.

With an outdoor turkey fryer, you can use just about any oil. Ideally, choose oils with a high smoke point, such as sunflower oil, peanut oil, or canola oil.

Another great choice is coconut oil, which contains beneficial fats. Rich in medium chain triglycerides, it boosts your energy and increases metabolism. Just make sure you melt it before cooking.

A serving of deep-fried turkey has only 253 calories. Roasted turkey boasts 241 calories per serving. The difference between the two is negligible.

Considering these benefits, it’s worth investing in an outdoor turkey fryer. You’ll spend less time cooking and maintain your figure!

Shopping for a Turkey Fryer

Choosing the best turkey fryer is the hardest part. There are literally hundreds of options available.

What do you Want to Fry?

First of all, determine what you expect from a turkey fryer. The latest models can cook just about anything, from chicken to veggies. Here are some examples:

Simply remove the poultry holder and place the ingredients directly into the bowl. You can even use the fryer to make maple syrup or can fruits and vegetables.

Deep Fryer Capacity

Next, consider the fryer’s capacity. A small turkey fryer is ideal for small families and people who live alone. If you have guests regularly or cook a lot, choose one with a larger capacity such as the Grand Gobbler, which is capable of cooking birds up to 25 pounds.

You can check out the Grand Gobbler for yourself on Amazon:


High Capacity Output

Look for an outdoor turkey fryer with high power such as this high pressure outdoor gas cooker from Bayou Classic. This will reduce cooking time and heat the oil faster.

You can get thishigh pressure cookereasily on Amazon:


Propane vs. Electric

To stay safe, you can choose an electric model. Propane fryers can heat the oil to the point of combustion, which may result in accidents. Additionally, you must store and refill the propane tank every time you cook.

Electric models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Some feature breakaway power cords and automatic shut-off function. If money is an issue, pick a smaller fryer.

Ease of Cleaning

Consider the ease of cleaning. Choose a dishwasher-safe fryer to make things easier. Be aware that frying fatty foods requires frequent cleaning of the device.

While some deep fryer kits have spigots on the pot to ensure easy cleaning, in our experience they don’t work that well. It is a bit easier to drain the oil and clean the pot, but the downside is that they often leak after only a few uses.

All the Extras

Take into account the amount of oil needed, maximum turkey size, ignition type, and safety features. Compare prices from different manufacturers.

Check out the extras, such as adjustable temperature control settings and indicator lights. Turkey fryers with a thermostat are safer, so don’t overlook this option.

High-end models are often equipped with multiple baskets and easy drainage systems. Some fryers have a cool touch exterior to prevent accidental burns. Others notify users when it’s time to replace the oil.

What if you can’t afford these features? In this case, purchase deep fryer accessories separately.

For instance, you can buy a thermometer or extra baskets for your small fryer.

Just make sure you choose a trusted brand. Popular options include King Kooker, Delonghi, Bayou Classic, and Brinkmann. These manufacturers are known for their quality products.

Grab Your Fryer Today!

Shopping for an outdoor turkey fryer isn’t rocket science. However, you still need to do some research and assess your options.

Think about how much food you’ll prepare and how much space you have. Consider the energy usage and maintenance requirements.

Always take safety precautions and watch the fryer while it’s working. Learn to cook with hot oil and use the equipment properly.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to stay safe and increase the lifespan of your device. Make sure you get a least a one-year warranty.

Ready to Shop?

If you’re ready to buy a turkey deep fryer for your next Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas feast, then you’ve come to the right place! Now that you know all about the features you need to look for, you’re ready to go. Or, if you want to save yourself a bit of time, check out our two top-rated fryers, one indoors and one for outdoors.

Eastman Outdoors Turkey Fryer

This turkey deep fryer from Eastman Outdoors is a serious machine at a very reasonable price. To be fair, it is a bit more expensive than the cheap outdoor turkey frying kits.  But, it’s totally worth it because it’ll last you for years, instead of just a few uses.

We love this turkey frying kit from Eastman Outdoors for a whole lots of reasons including:

Check out the Eastman Outdoors Turkey Fryeron Amazon today:


MasterBuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Fryer

If you’re looking for an indoor electric deep fryer, then you’ll need to look no further than Masterbuilt Butterball. They are the only brand that we give our hearty recommendation to for indoor deep fryers. They are simply so much better than all the rest.

While Butterball makes different sizes, the largest one is capable of cooking up to a 22 pound turkey! This is a serious bird to cook indoors, but this machine can do it easily in style.

Check out this line of top-quality indoor deep fryers for yourself on Amazon today. If you live in a cold climate, it’s most certainly what you need!


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