Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer


A Review of the Masterbuilt ButterBall Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

The Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer is a top-rated product on Amazon, coming in at an impressive 4.6/5 rating. It’s a #1 best-seller in the category and makes an excellent choice for anyone looking to fry up to a 20 pound (9 kilogram) turkey inside. Masterbuilt Butterball is the most trusted name in deep fried turkey and for good reason-their machine is a beast at frying turkey and will last you for years.

Deep fried turkey is delicious and it’s now safer and easier than ever to do it inside with an indoor electric turkey deep fryer. Your family and friends will keep coming back every Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving for more of your delicious deep-fried turkey! Still unsure? Check out How to Deep Fry a Turkey to see how easy it actually is.

You can get this high-quality one on Amazon today:


The Specs:

Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer Pros:

People who Like the MasterBuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer are Saying: 

“This turkey deep fryer is nothing short of awesome! I filled it with 2 gallons of peanut oil and turned it on at noon Thanksgiving day. My husband put the turkey in at 1pm and at promptly 1:40pm, we raised out of the oil a beautiful ‘crispy brown on the outside – moist and juicy on the inside’ turkey. My entire family raved about it for months!”


“I recommend this turkey fryer 100%! I have no regrets whatsoever having bought this fryer and after many uses, I still love it! One of the best things about it is that it frees up a ton of oven space for other dishes.”


“We use this for Thanksgiving turkey and whole chickens. Cooks evenly, food is AMAZING and it works fast. It’s great to be able to use it in the house instead of having to go outside and be away from family and guests. An indoor fryer is also a lot safer than balancing that big vat of oil on a small stand with the outdoor turkey fryers. It’s the best fryer ever! Don’t hesitate to buy…just do it! You won’t regret it.”


Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer Negatives: 

The Takeaway on the Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer: 

If you’re looking to get an indoor electric turkey fryer, this top-rated Butterball Turkey Fryer makes an excellent choice. Priced at just over $100 on Amazon, it offer some excellent value for the money as it will fry up to a 20 pound turkey in style.

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It’s safe, easy to use, easy to clean and can fit on your countertop. Reviewers commented that their turkeys came out delicious-moist on the inside and crispy skin on the outside in a very short time. No more dry, overcooked turkeys at Thanksgiving for your family!

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You can easily get the Masterbuilt Butter Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer on Amazon today:


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